About Me

Started work 1981 at a rally shop called Rallyquip as a 16 year old helper for 2 weeks, this tuned out to be 6 years in which I completed my apprenticeship as a motor mechanic, after the business changing hands I moved to a company called Datrally, I spent 16 years there as mainly the dyno operator/EFI technician, fabricator and general mechanic gaining experience in a variety of make and models, road race and rally. (I was the last person to have been trained by the famous Les Collins) Also being a long time MOTO X/enduro rider (30 years) I have extensive experience in maintaining and servicing off road motorbikes.

For the last 29 years my second passion has been PC’s. In this time I have run a very popular BBS (Bulletin Board System) in the mid 80’s setup countless pc’s and networks not to mention a very nice home pc network,  I’m a every day internet user and online gamer, so I know what to use for internet surfing , safety and online gaming.  Through this I have a vast network of friends and contacts from all over the world.

I’m now 48 years old.

* I am a fully qualified motor mechanic.
I have completed dyno courses from Dyno Dynamics and Frankston Tafe.
I have completed Motecs basic and advanced EFI courses.