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Custom built PC’s for Office, home, web surfing or gaming.
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Network configs.
Web Setups
PC Servicing.
Gaming setups and advice
Advice on system and document backups
Hard disk drive recovery
Making your current PC run smoothly, and safe for use on the WEB (World Wide Web)
Fixing dead or fault/unreliable PC’s and notebooks

A PC is a little like a motor car, it requires maintenance or servicing, the longer a PC runs or is used the more cluttered the operating system becomes, making it slower and less reliable, also many programs require web updates – Eg: Windows, virus software, spy ware software, firewall etc etc.
Also the PC should be opened up and all the dust and dirt removed as well as having keyboards disassembled and cleaned. Once this is done, Finlay a full backup of the operating system and user documents.These days spy ware/virus’s are all similar, I call it malware. Unlike the old days of a virus popping up a message and bragging to you that you have been infected, malware of today most of the time will hide in you PC. It dose not want to be found, it will dig in for the long hall. If it is found, it is almost impossible to remove. It will have a job to do, it will use your PC for corrupting other PCs, attack other systems, and most dangerous to you, log and report your keystrokes. There are a lot more nasty things they do as well. Anti virus s/w is really only is good to let you know you have been infected (If you are lucky), very rarely will they protect you.With my PC services and setups you will be protected as well as you can be .There is no point putting every anti malware/virus programs onto a PC, It just slows it down. I will make it safe and fast.  Ill also help you with safe net behavior and data backup techniques.

A PC service should be done about once a year. Your PC will be safe to use on the net and it will run as it did maybe even better then when you first got it new. PC Service’s start at $250.00 + GST. My Customers that have had one always come back for another in a year or so, so I guess that says they are happy and getting there $$ worth.
Please call me for more info:
Steven 03-9774-0053 or 0412-566624 or visit my contact page.

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