Full car wiring loom for a 1934 Ford Tudor Rally Car.

Full car wiring loom for a 1934 Ford Tudor Rally Car that will compete all over the world.
Motec PDM30, Air Conditioning, Electric Power Steering.

Can follow the car on its travels on Facebook – Ford Called Sheila

2014-12-24 17.08.28

2014-12-24 17.08.36

2014-12-24 17.08.44

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Automotive Technician, 32 Years Experience in the Automotive Industry, 29 Years Computer Experience. Now specializing in competition wiring looms, tuning, Weber and Dellorto rebuilding, Motec ECU and PDM setup and not forgetting PC services. Please have a look around.




2014-11-19 12.34.17
2014-11-18 22.22.20
2014-11-06 15.15.05
2014-12-24 17.08.44
2014-12-24 17.08.36
2014-12-24 17.08.28
2015-05-01 13.53.09
2015-05-01 13.52.51
2015-05-01 13.52.28

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