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Unlock Telstra T-Touch Tab and Upgrade to Android 2.2

Hi all

I have a T-Touch that I got to check out for its OS. It had Android 2.1 and was locked to Telstra.

Was really a piece of crap, crashed a lot, and was a pain that it was locked to Telstra, ( I didn’t want to pay for a third sim.) I do have a spare Optus Sim (Amaysim)

I had seen some hacks to upgrade here and there but lost interest in it. I did check to see from time to time if anything had changed on the unlock front. It has.

On the the official Huawei site there is an update to Android 2.2 there, After downloading it and following the instructions to update it

I was surprised to see how much better the device was.  (Still no iPad)

I also tried an Optus sim in it and found that it worked as well. So, you get Android 2.2 that makes the device a lot better to use and it seems to unlock as well!

Downloads and info can be found here



Mid Price Gaming PC Build.

Another nice gaming machine I have just setup, Note the case! Its my favorite case out there, a little pricey but worth every cent. (One I use)
The Asus Motherboard is great (one i use in my main gamer) and the i7 2600k is the CPU to use at the moment.

ASUS P8P67 Deluxe V3, 8GB Gskill 1600MHZ Cl9 RipjawsX, Intel i7 2600k CPU
OCZ 2.5″ 120G (V2-E), Blue Ray Burner, C/Master HAF X USB 3.0
Thermaltake ToughPowerXT 675, 24″ 2443BW+ High Adjustable
Windows 7 Home Premium 64




New i7 PC Build

P8P67 Deluxe V3,Intel i7 2600k CPU, 8GB Gskill 1600MHZ Cl9 RipjawsX, 1GB Gigabyte GTX550OC
OCZ 2.5″ 120G (V2-E), 2TB WD SATAIII HDD, DVD Burner
Coolermaster CenturionVII 500PSU, 24″ 2443BW+ High Adjustable
Speaker system logitech Z313,HD Webcam C510
Windows 7 Home Premium 64

This is a very nice machine, great all rounder!






3DMark 11 Scores

Extreme X3311-

Performance P9478 –

These are Overclocked Figures, click the links for exact system setup and clocks.


NB: She is real sweat in games!   🙂


Hi all.
Finally did the video card upgrade on games machine.
2 x EVGA GTX560Ti SC
Full DX11 Support now and is sweat in games!!
Also upgraded to a G510 Keyboard, More Macro keys and multi color.
Win 7 64 Performance Score 7.9-7.9-7.9-7.9-7.8
Still waiting for my copy of 3D Mark 11 so I can do some real benchmarks.



Rift Online MMO BAD LAG Disconnects! How to Fix! (Australia)

Hi All
I hear a few ISPs have the problem but I found it with Optus cable in Melbourne and mainly at nite.
Optus are aware of the problem and say they are working on fixing it however it will take weeks if not months!
I use Battleping to fix it and it works great!

Good luck and have fun 🙂

The new Games Machine that has replaced my old Quad Core.

Asus P8P67 Deluxe running USB3 and the new EFI that replaced the old BIOS, 8GB G-Skill 1600mHz Ram
LGA1155 i7 2600k @ 4.5gHz, Corsair H70 CPU Water cooler, 2 x GTX260SE SLI, OCZ SSD
875watt Tough Power PSU, 1 x OCZ 2.5″ 120GB SSD Dive 1 x SATA WD320GB HDD Drive
1 x WD640GB HDD 1 x WD1TB HDD in Hot Swap Bay, LG SATA Blue ray Burner
USB3 SATA Drive External Dock, HAF X Full tower case, G15 Keyboard and G9 Mouse
24″ Samsung 1920×1200 Sync master 2443 Monitor.

Win 7 64 Performance Score 7.9-7.9-7.8-7.8-7.8

The video cards are the old ones from the machine it replaced, I will upgrade them one day mainly to get DX11 Support.

Some Build Pics

New Gamer PC Build

After doing a few notebooks and a few business machines finally getting to put together and setup a gaming PC

i7, SSD, GTX460, 6GB Ram, SATA Docking Case and USB3

Print from Mac OSX to Printer on Windows Network

Print from Mac OSX to Printer on Windows Network

My setup
Brother HL5040 Connected to a Windows 7 64 Machine using USB
Lynksys Router
Mac 20″iMac Running Snow Leopard and an old 17″ iMac G5 running Leopard

On the Windows 7 PC, Enable LPD drivers

1. In Windows 7 Control Panel
2. Select Programs
3. Select “Programs and Features” pane
4. On the LH Side Click “Turn Windows Features on or off”
5. Open the Print and Document Services Menu and “Turn on the LPD print Service”.

On the Windows 7 PC, Share the printer

1. Select the “Start/Devices & Printers
2. Right click the printer and select “Printer Properties”
3. Click the Sharing tab.
4. Enable the checkbox “Share this printer”
5. Make sure the printer name has no spaces and simple, e.g. this is mine – lh5040
6. Also a good idea to specify the ip address of the machine connected to the printer.
Sometimes the ip can change and that will stop the printer from working on the Mac, E.g. mine is set to

On the Mac running OS X

1. Open “System Preferences” – “Print & Fax”
2. Click “+” to add a printer
3. Under the IP Tag, Protocol: “Line Printer Daemon – LPD”
4. Address: “IP of the windows machine the printer is shared from”. In my case its (just like that, nothing else)
5. Queue: (is the share name of the printer on the windows machine, in my case its “lh5040”.
Do not leave the queue area blank as the comment tell you, do the above

6. Name the printer what you like, I just left it at the default which is the ip of the printer
7. Print Using: select the printer from the list, on my Snow Leopard sys I used the HL5040 Gutenprint driver
and on my Leopard G5 sys I used the HL5040 Cups as it didn’t have the Gutenprint option.
8. Click the “Add” button

Print away!

New Look Website

Hi all.

Welcome to the new look website.

I have changed it to a Word press type site. The reason I have dose this is mainly ease of updating the news (blog)  the photos and also some of the content section of the site.

The content on the old site was not to bad to update but the news and photo areas where a pain.

Also the website had a bit of an old look about it.

The new site now also works great on a mobile device, I have tested in on iPhone, iPad and a 7″ tablet.

The Blog area now is on the front page, the place you come to first. I think this is the way of the web now and that is the page that will change the most. (New Content)

That’s why users will come back, to see new content, not much use returning to a site that is always the same.

So have a look around.

Also you will see links on the right to follow me and also links to the Flickr photo gallery, there you will see some cool pics of various nice things I have been working on.

Idd also like to thank Richard Stocks for supplying me with a server for me to setup the site before making it live and all his data base help.



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