Cloud Backups

I have just setup an account with Carbonite an online backup solution. Basicly it will keep a copy of all your data backed up in the cloud (the internet)
If your house burns down or all your PC gear gets stolen you will be able to get your data back. With all the photos and other docs we all have these days I think its a very good idea.
Its not that expensive at about $80.00 a year for basicly unlimited data. (with in reson)
What is you data worth?
Anyways i have been uploading for about 3 days so far (first upload takes some time) Will let you know how i find it.


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Automotive Technician, 32 Years Experience in the Automotive Industry, 29 Years Computer Experience. Now specializing in competition wiring looms, tuning, Weber and Dellorto rebuilding, Motec ECU and PDM setup and not forgetting PC services. Please have a look around.




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