Tech Tip for those who have a laptop and a PS3

Tech Tip for those who have a laptop and a PS3

You will need to be  tech savvy to do the following, if not it’s something I can do for you.

Do this at your own risk!!!!!! If any of the following is not second nature to you DONT DO IT! Get HELP!

Part 1

If you have a laptop chances are it has a 5400RPM HDD rather then the faster 7200RPM drive.
If you have a PS3 chances are you have less than 80GB HDD installed.
I’ll use my setup here as an example so if you have the same or similar setup this will apply to you.
I have a HP laptop that had a 320GB 5400RPM drive in it.
First, go out and get a 7200 RPM drive, maybe a bigger one as well.
HDD prices are getting cheaper and cheaper so it won’t set you back to much.
First remove existing HDD from the laptop, then make an image using Norton Ghost or Acronis a HDD dock and a  desktop PC.

Second, copy over the image to the new HDD.
Then fit the new HDD to the laptop, turn it on and if you did it all right it should boot up as normal. On the first boot windows will say installing new drivers for the new HDD but then will be as always just faster.

Part 2

Make sure your PS3 is all working and software is all up to date.
Go to this site with your PC and download the latest PS3 OS:

Copy the OS over to a USB mem stick, there are instructions on the site on how to do all that and the directory structure to use.
Now using the USB dock you used earlier and a spare HDD (As least as big as the HDD in the PS3) using the PS3 software do a full backup of the PS3 to the HDD in the USB dock. Note the HDD you are going to backup to must be formated to FAT32 (This will take some time)
Some instructions can be found at the following site:

Remove the PS3 HDD and fit the bigger 5400RPM HDD you removed from your laptop.
Power up the PS3 with the USB stick with the OS on it plugged in to the PS3.
Follow the onscreen instructions to get the OS installed and the PS3 back up and running.
With OS installed, connect up the USB dock and the HDD with your backup to the PS3.
Using the PS3 OS, do a full restore from the HDD in the dock. (This will take some time.
With the system restored (it will restart after this) log into your account under network.
Now under account management, activate your system for games and video.
Now I know this sounds weird but deactivate them both and reactivate them both again. (This fixes a bit of a bug I found that stops you’re payed for content from working)
If all went well you should have a faster laptop and a bigger drive in you PS3.


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