Latest Job: Jaguar XJ12 JX5.3C Fully sequential EFI System.

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Latest Job:
Jaguar XJ12 JX5.3C

Setup and wire up full sequential EFI System.

Car had a M4 Motec running 4 groups of 3 injectors.
The cars wiring had all been replaced with the exception of the engine management loom.
I set it up with a Motec M800 with a 12 cylinder upgrade so it can run 12 injectors sequentially.
I added a sync sensor as the standard setup only runs 1 ref sensor in the distributor.

Made up a box to fit all the electronics, relays, fuses, and ECU.
Made up a fully removable loom to suit.

Loom has prevision for 2 O2 sensors so in the future we can setup closed loop mixture control that can trim each 6 cylinder bank individually.
All went well and car drives nicely.
Photos of the job can be found here :

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Automotive Technician, 32 Years Experience in the Automotive Industry, 29 Years Computer Experience. Now specializing in competition wiring looms, tuning, Weber and Dellorto rebuilding, Motec ECU and PDM setup and not forgetting PC services. Please have a look around.




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