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Just finished Service – Windows 7 RC 32 Upgrade and virus removal on a Dell Vostro
Almost finished PC build for a RC flight sim PC. i7, GTS250 1GB Video, 1TB HDD, 6 GB 1333 DDR3, 22″ 1920×1080 Mon,
Coolmaster case, setup with Windows 7 RC 64 (Gona be busy when Windows 7 is relesed)
Just started work on an older P4, Virus infested and data recovery. Will be an XP machine.

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Automotive Technician, 32 Years Experience in the Automotive Industry, 29 Years Computer Experience. Now specializing in competition wiring looms, tuning, Weber and Dellorto rebuilding, Motec ECU and PDM setup and not forgetting PC services. Please have a look around.




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2014-11-18 22.22.20
2014-11-06 15.15.05
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